Turner Maxwell

Reset The Code

19 UO students fed up with the high tension of fear hate on campus came together to create a movement. Reset the Code.

In just one week, our Facebook page alone reached 150,000 people, our videos earned over 67,000 views and we got both local and national news coverage.

My Role:
Lead Videographer, responsible for designing the 95_ logo



The Team:

Agency: Allen Hall Advertising

Account Manager: Tylynn Burns

Strategists: Hannah Lewman and Chandler Carroll

Writers: Cameron KokesSarah Vella-Labrador and Hannah Lewman

Art Directors: Stephanie HastingsWill NielsenRaquel OrtegaBrandon Montes-NguyenFemke Paanakker and Pauline Rode

Designers: Turner MaxwellSonali SampatThuc Vinh and Aven-itza De Primavera

Producers: Turner MaxwellTyler Robinson and Spencer Kupish

Media Planners: Stefan Boehmer and Amelia Inouye